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I have a newborn Baby, What Should I Do?


At Last you are the mother of the fine, and handsome looking cute baby. You are a proud mother now. What next?


Well its time you start thinking in terms of Newborn Baby Games. These would provide you with an ultimate guidance regarding how your baby would react and what makes him or her different from other babies on the Planet Earth. With the passage of time you would realize that your baby is kind of, well, a little funny looking. Don’t take tension as this is the case with almost every baby.

You must know that your baby’s head was smashed from at birth while traveling through the birth canal. Naturally, there would be present a bodysuit of fine hair called lanugo. The face of the newborn baby has been often puffy and his eyes are always closed. The eyes are somewhat little gooey, after all he spent nine months in the womb. Don’t worry within no time, he would resemble that beautiful baby you dreamed of.


If you are trying to make your baby laugh by performing different silly activities, then you are dangerously mistaken. Your baby won’t respect your efforts until he is 6 weeks old. While all the Funny Pictures would be enough to break you into laughter the technique would not work with the baby. You are up against your boss who always complains. But your efforts would not be wasted as slowly and steadily your baby would start acknowledging you and would feel comfortable in your presence.


Although the next part relates to the nurses at a job, but sometimes they are carried over by their attitude. Hence their job can befall upon you. So be ever ready to provide your baby with sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off. It’s true that if it is left to dry it would fall faster in two-three weeks time period. Hence, after every bath pat your baby and dry him with the towel softly.



You must watch a video or take some external help prior to giving a bath to your baby.

Last but not the least, babies don’t come with the label’ Handle with care’. It is assumed that every parent is well familiar with the need of safeguarding their previous values, but in case of the soft spot ‘ a little opening in the skull, also called the fontanel, parents can take a breath of relief. The fontanel is ticked to allow the baby to maneuver out of the birth canal.


It’s not a dangerous sign. Yes, you may touch it, brush the shiny hair over it and even kiss the soft texture. Allow your baby some time to harden up, in the meanwhile you should devote your intention towards playing different Baby Shower Games Online.