My baby hates me no more -part 2

I knew that my little girl was addicted to the Dora Cooking Games.


Thanks to the school that had no other games for entertainment but the same silly character Dora. I was easily able to observe the consequences of such activities.

My wife managed to satisfy little girl’s wish. She was equipped with Dora entitled bottle, bag with Dora’s picture on it,  Dora’s copy, and even worse Dora’s printed bed sheet. Among many duties I was responsible, to put my baby girl to sleep. Imagine my condition when ever i was forced to lay on dora’s face. It was terrible.   One day I decided to divert my girl’s attention.

I introduced her to a brand new television. while I was switching through different channels, in order to locate a perfect match for my kid, the door bell rung,   When I came back back the first thing I noticed the Nick jr dora games. Dora had managed to land in a TV channel has well. I was frustrated but there was nothing I can do about it.  

dora nick jr

For days I planned the ways to snatch dora out of my daughter’s life. but before I was able to do something silly, I received a job offer from oversea and I had to leave with a heavy heart.  

The turning point in my life came when I bravely asked my Daughter to Skip the dora adventure games online play free from her life. Since the conversation was via Skype. and she placed her hand over my face, indicating her intention to block me.  


Many questions began to arise in my brain from the very day I experienced the ignorance from my own Child.   I planned to change my self though.

I carried out a research on  Dora and was amazed to find the numerous advantages it offered. During my research I found that children engaged in such activities were far more sharper and smarter then the children deprived of Dora Puzzle Games Online. such activities help to reshape the mental level of the kids and especially girls were equipped with the knowledge of managing themselves as well as the entire household.   While skimming through the content my eyeballs stopped rolling when I reached the following passage. It said:

  “For example girls can add different accessories, which helps to develop critical thinking skills in them. These games are also great for developing fine motor skills in young children as they move the mouse around, and drag outfits onto the characters. In addition to such advantages the Dora dress up games new variety every time, trains the little cute girls the art of dressing properly and elegantly.”


  I remembered two months ago, my daughter had won the best dress up award at the school. My wife praised the school administration for encouraging such activities in the kid. at that time I failed to realize way the school was being held responsible for this achievement.   For years I had been running away from these boring on line games, without realizing that I was able to earn success because of them.  

Would I be able to Achieve my daughter’s Love. If I Arrange Dora for her? For this I had to wait…

dora-dress2What brought me to this conclusion?F for follow:

My baby hates me-part 1


My baby hates me-part 1


Love, Love, Love. Ever since I became a father, I have dried to hear this word. At schools I was able to remain the apple of an eyes for the entire duration in the school. My teachers used to love me, while I was the most handsome, cute and intelligent kid, I remember that I was the first to Play Dora games at break times.

hate dora

In spite of the interesting experience, I failed to understand why boys had to engaged with dora. Isn’t these were meant for girls? I was sure that was a girl thing and every time I took first position in the class I was presented Dora Puzzle Games For Girls.  At times at thought it was enough, but I had complete awareness of my dignity and there was no way I would have let it go.


My admiration was not only limited to school. I was the most appreciated boy at home also, at markets and other public places. the reason was the extreme intelligence in addition to the perfect beauty. My life was perfect. I was won over by an extremely charming lady out of many, to whom I was later married.


A year later I had a little girl. she was extra ordinary cute.


Although I was unable to deny the different Dora adventure games online, but I successfully revenge the endorsement by not letting my child play such games.


Over the years I noticed a slight mismatch attitude of my daughter. Despite being intelligent, I forgot the same treatment, which I should have expected from the school in which I studied myself. She was introduced to the same boring Dora Dress Up Games for Girls.   Unexpectedly she seemed to find such activities interesting.  Every day I was asked to arrange such games for her. I was pressurized, and forced to regenerate my thinking regarding such online activities and every time I use to inform my little girl that its nothing but waste of time.


I was sure that my little girl would forget about these activities but the desire gain momentum with every denial.


I had to do something really fast…

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My baby hates me no more -part 2