Asim Ali

Bio: General Info: Asim Ali is known for promoting Peace and Harmony in the World. He has participated in many Peace oriented events and movements. He (supports) is also an active member of World’s Peace organizations, animals and environment protection programs/campaigns and NGOs.He as a deep understanding/adapting to and promoting peace among the Believers (All Religions). Industrial Info: A highly skilled and experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, an Internet Marketing Strategist as well as Web Developer/Designer (started at PC Links) . Since 2012 He has helped various small and big businesses and independent clients rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing with the use of ethical white-hat SEO techniques that He has perfected over time through real experience. He has also provided in-house training to marketers, webmasters and web developers. Personal Statement: “Let us appreciate the Beauty within the humans as compare to outer appearances. God created every person with a unique Quality. Its our Duty to find (Discover) how much Love, Care and Affection the other person could offer us. The Art is known as P E A C E.” [1]

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  1. Hi and our children are so important for the future. Thank you for your words and your work in this area. Sincerely, Cam.


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