My baby hates me-part 1


Love, Love, Love. Ever since I became a father, I have dried to hear this word. At schools I was able to remain the apple of an eyes for the entire duration in the school. My teachers used to love me, while I was the most handsome, cute and intelligent kid, I remember that I was the first to Play Dora games at break times.

hate dora

In spite of the interesting experience, I failed to understand why boys had to engaged with dora. Isn’t these were meant for girls? I was sure that was a girl thing and every time I took first position in the class I was presented Dora Puzzle Games For Girls.  At times at thought it was enough, but I had complete awareness of my dignity and there was no way I would have let it go.


My admiration was not only limited to school. I was the most appreciated boy at home also, at markets and other public places. the reason was the extreme intelligence in addition to the perfect beauty. My life was perfect. I was won over by an extremely charming lady out of many, to whom I was later married.


A year later I had a little girl. she was extra ordinary cute.


Although I was unable to deny the different Dora adventure games online, but I successfully revenge the endorsement by not letting my child play such games.


Over the years I noticed a slight mismatch attitude of my daughter. Despite being intelligent, I forgot the same treatment, which I should have expected from the school in which I studied myself. She was introduced to the same boring Dora Dress Up Games for Girls.   Unexpectedly she seemed to find such activities interesting.  Every day I was asked to arrange such games for her. I was pressurized, and forced to regenerate my thinking regarding such online activities and every time I use to inform my little girl that its nothing but waste of time.


I was sure that my little girl would forget about these activities but the desire gain momentum with every denial.


I had to do something really fast…

Dont forget to: Enter

My baby hates me no more -part 2


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