I Am not a Terrorist, Are you?

Note: the content was Written/Provided By: Asim Ali



2014 - 1
Who am I? I am a warrior. They fight with a sword in their hand, I fight with a pen. They fight with the machine guns, filled with an ink of bullets; I fight with the gun filled with the Ink. Their purpose is to shed blood, and my purpose is to save blood. I am here spread happiness on the faces of the millions through my writing in the same way as promised by the Funny Pictures.


I hate to see the world in pain, and desire for it to gain the happiness in every possible form and in every authentic ways. For me the one year old child carries the same right to be happy as an old man. The child our has been introduced with the word ‘Terrorism’. With only one religion being held responsible for it. NO that should not be the case.
Terrorism is owned by every religion, whose owners display an act of cruelty and in humanity towards the humans. If you are a Christian and a source of terror for the Humans then you are a terrorist. If you are a Muslim but is not respecting the Word Islam which means Peace, then you are not a Muslim. If you are a Jew and Misleading people, Evoking within them the Hatred for Muslims and Christians, then you are a Terrorist.

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Hence Baby games would introduce in your child such qualities that would equip him or her with positive skills. Your child would learn to develop the socio-economic, political, physical as well as the mental skills from such an early age that would grantee his upbringing and dealing with other human beings as Peaceful.

The direction hence set in an early age of the child would never allow him or her to travel in the wrong direction. For example, if parents introduce their child to Different books in his or her childhood, then the child would rise up as a scholar or a teacher. If from early age parents subject their child to martial art skills, the child would end up as a fighter. So the Future of your child rest in your hands. If you want your child to be the Football Star, you should introduce him or her to the Football games from the early age.

You equip your loved ones with the right skills; you would equip the World with Peace. If not then my Question justifies:
Are You A Terrorist?


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